My beautiful mum was gentle and kind and very creative. She passed on her love of art to me.

Over the years that I cared for her, I kept her engaged in meaningful art activities which helped her tackle her Dementia with a purpose to her life & brought her so much joy.


We proved that it is possible to live well after a Dementia diagnosis and her determination to do so inspired people all over the world who have been following our journey.

Our Facebook Page has over 4,000 followers & shows just how many lives she touched & how she became a beacon of hope for so many people who are caring for loved ones with Dementia.

She gained her angel wings on the 20 th December 2021 ... she is deeply missed.

Mum & I started selling her crafts in 2016 and donated a percentage of our sales to the Alzheimer's Society.

In honour of mum's memory I continue to donate to this important charity & our total donation is now £2,000.